Extract .wpress files created by the awesome All-in-one-Wp-Migration plugin

Extract .wpress files created by the awesome All-in-one-Wp-Migration plugin

October 26th, 2019 Shabu James 1.9K Views 13 Uncategorised, Extract .wpress1 minute, 25 seconds

In this tutorial we are going to extract an .wpress which is not working properly during migration or installation of the backup.

Step : 1

Download .exe file which is needed from the following link. Download

Step : 2

After completion of download create a folder in desired location that may be in c drive extractor.

Eg : C:\Wordpress-Backup

Step : 3

Copy the downloaded extractor to that directory

Eg : C:\Wordpress-Backup

Step : 4

  1. Open run by pressing windows + R button in your keyboard.
  2. In run type cmd and press enter key.
  3. Open up a command prompt.
  4. CD into the directory you just created, let’s say its in C:\Wordpress-Backup folder of your pc.
  5. The command you’ll run would be cd C:\Wordpress-Backup in your command prompt.
  6. Now run the following command wpress-extractor . For example my .wpress file was filename.wpress so the command I ran was wpress-extractor filename.wpress.
  7. You’ll find your files extracted into the same directory where the extractor was run. In my case it was C:\Wordpress-Backup.

Here is the extractor download link

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Shabu James

13 Responses to “Extract .wpress files created by the awesome All-in-one-Wp-Migration plugin”

  1. Shabu James
    bell says:

    You saved my one year work thank you helpful

  2. Shabu James
    Mona says:

    Worked like a charm, thanks!!!

  3. Shabu James
    chris says:

    thank you very much..

  4. Shabu James
    ConH says:

    Yes I found this info already in an old locked thread, but this sees recent so I can ask a question 😉

    Does the All-in-one-Wp-Migration plugin actually stor the WP core (root) files? In the backup I made, I cannot find that after decompressing the way you described.

    I need to know that after a WP update that gives problems, this backup also restpores WP core.

    • Shabu James
      admin says:

      No the all one wp migrator will never take the backup of your WordPress core so you cannot find out the WordPress core in the decompressed files.
      The problem you are facing is you are unable to restore the backup right ?

  5. Shabu James
    Hardik Raval says:

    this is a perfect! amazing trick thanks a lot

  6. Shabu James
    Shida says:

    How do I migrate this now on my website. I tried it their tool but my file was wpress file was larger than 1 GB and it froze. Do I need to run the script on my database?

    I have a copy of the wpress and I have extracted it to my folder how to recreate this website now?

    Help I am stuck

    • Shabu James
      admin says:

      Hope you are doing well. For running the extracted files you need to set up the database and install it then you can connect it with the new database you have created and then delete the wp-content folder and then upload the extracted one.
      If you are having issues please let me know.

      Note: Before deleting any directory please take backup of site.

  7. Shabu James
    Yedidya says:

    It really me. Really fast. many thanks!

  8. Shabu James
    Sandeep says:

    is we can directly upload the .wpress format file to ftp??

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